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Please note we cannot carry human passengers unfortunately due to our insurance limits.

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Why Would You Need a Pet Taxi Service?

As a pet owner, there are times that you are unable to adjust your schedule or be
available for your pet needs — like making an appointment for the veterinarian, groomer, etc.
In more unfortunate circumstances, you may take ill, suffer an injury,
or otherwise be prohibited from transporting your pet to a scheduled appointment as needed.
When these situations occur, you have an option of using Happy Pet Taxi services to transport your pet.
Happy Pet Taxi, a pet sitter, a dog walker and provides a safe, reliable Pet Taxi service.

How Does a Pet Taxi Service Work ?

We realize that you are busy and may not be able to get your pets in for their important
vet or grooming appointments. Our service works like this:

We come and pick up your pet from your home. We safely and securely transport using
Hygienically Clean Pet Transporters them to their appointment.
Cats are transported safely in their travel carriers, and secured in the vehicle.
Dogs are either transported in a dog transportation crate/ cage or they are secured in
the vehicle by a harness and strapped into the seat belt.
Reptiles, Small Animals, Birds are transported in proffesional animal carries designed for thier species.
Your pet’s safety is our main concern.

The Selected Pet Carrier is Hygienically Cleaned after every Pet


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At the Appointment

We either drop them of and return when their appointment is finished,or we wait with them during the appointment.
If we drop them off, time stops running until we come back. If we must
wait for them during the appointment, time will keep running.
Again, we securely transport your pets back home. If you are in, we safely hand them back,
or if not in we get them back inside your house, make sure they are comfortable and have water,
and we secure your house when we leave. Time stops when we leave.
After each visit you will receive an update with a summary of how the visit went.

Happy Pet Taxi can provide safe pet taxi service in Northampton ( Northamptonshire on request ).

We are Defra Certificated, DBS Checked, Animal First Aid Trained and Fully Insured,
meaning that your pets are covered even when they are in the vehicle being transported to their appointment.

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Pet Sitting in Northampton

Can’t get away from work or just need a holiday to rest?
Don’t feel guilty. Happy Pet Taxi Services is here to care for your
canines and felines, and even other species like guinea pigs, reptiles, and amphibians too!
We provide affordable pet sitting services in Northampton. Rest assured that your
pets are in the care of 100% insured and experienced professionals and animal lovers
While you’re away your pet will receive plenty of TLC from their sitter, and
we’ll do our best to make each visit a positive and comforting experience
while you’re out. They’re not just pets, they are members of the family;
and we believe they should be treated as such.

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Dog Walking In Northampton

When you are at work or away for the day, you have a few options for the care of your dog. One choice is
boarding or daycare, and another is relying on family, friends or neighbours to help. Although these
options are great, they may not be the best solutions for you, your dog, or your home.

Happy Pet Taxi are reliable dog walking service and offer you relief from the anxiety of leaving your dog
alone for long periods of time or placing them in unfamiliar environments.
they will also get regular exercise and potty breaks. This service allows you to confidently leave your dog(s)
at home, knowing that they will receive the love and care they so rightfully deserve.

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